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Here are some of the links that I check almost daily!

www.wayneswords.com A site with great info and pics of current launch ramp conditions at Lake Powell
www.alta.com The world's best ski resort, with great web cams that rarely are down, but occasionally covered in snow!
www.vintageBMX.com A great pic library of early BMX bikes, articles, history, interviews and more!
http://www.uc.usbr.gov/wrg/crsp/crsp_40_gc.txt Updated daily, the water level in Lake Powell
www.atp.org Association of Tennis Professionals - Keep up with the latest rankings here!
www.iranmania.com All kinds of great info on Iranian culture, food, politics, lifestyle, current events and more!
www.cobaltboats.com The best-made boat in the world - first thing I'll buy when I win the lotto!

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